BuildCARE (Building Capacity, Access, Rights and Empowerment) comprises four programmes: International Access, Rights and Empowerment Programme (IARE); Dissemination, Engagement and Empowerment (DEE) programme; The Cicely Saunders International PhD Studentship Programme; and Cicely Saunders International Faculty Scholars.


The ageing of the population globally, the predicted increase in people living with progressive conditions and the lack of senior palliative and end of life care academics internationally demonstrates an urgent need to develop the end of life and palliative care leaders of the future. Within the healthcare system, both in the UK and internationally hospices and palliative care teams are a very small part and even to this day rely very much on voluntary donations.


BuildCare is developing future academic and clinical stars in the field of palliative care to build capacity for the future; using the latest technologies to disseminate expertise and research developed by staff at the Cicely Saunders Institute across the globe; pioneering strategies to engage our communities in our work; identifying variations in access to care and improving these through an original international study.


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